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Company Profile

Dongguan Zhenxin Electronics co., Ltd. Is located in Guangdong Province, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, the new Malian Muramatsu Jinsheng Industrial Park, founded in 2008. Is a development, production and sale of various types of high-tech electronic components of the limited liability company.

With the rapid advancement of technology, Zhengxin Electronics co., Ltd. Is committed to new materials and new product research and development combined with the high quality of manufacturing, quality and sales as customers build a full range of services.

Zhenxin Electronics co., Ltd. System of strict, scientific management, in order to meet all customer requirements for the highest index, the company gradually move towards efficient and robust development of science and technology and with their own strength to fight for the honor of Wuliangye Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Yibin Ying Thai Optical Co., the only qualified agents to make our services more to extend the field of electronics and information materials basis, in order, set the research, development, production, sales, customer service and integration, Zhenxin Electronics co., ltd. absolute are you to create a solid partner.

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